Hot & Strip Wax

I use a professional wax called Waxxxpress within my waxing treatments. I use both hot and strip wax. I used these products whilst working in Australia and have continued to use them on myself and clients. I have tried and tested a lot of waxes since I became a beauty therapist 18 years ago and this is by far the best.

Strip wax is great for larger areas e.g. legs, arms and backs. The wax is applied in a thin layer and then removed with a calico or paper strip. The process is then repeated to remove all the hairs.

Hot wax is NOT hot when applied! Its just the name! This is a thicker wax and is used on more sensitive areas e.g. bikini, underarm or facial waxing. It’s the best for sensitive skin as grips to the hair more than the skin. Shorter stronger hairs may also be removed with hot wax.

Waxing suits anyone. It can last up to 4-6 weeks between treatments. The hairs come back smoother unlike shaving or using deplitary creams. The hairs are pulled out from the root so the hair is completely removed making the hair stay away for longer. Shaving and depilitory creams only take hairs from skin level.