Privacy Policy 2018

I myself Anna Yeomans are the data protection officer and data controller. I take your data seriously and do not share any information I collect.

Information I hold and collect is with you the clients consent for insurance purposes, to be able to check any medical conditions do not contraindicate you to the treatment. If you have an allergy to a treatment this will be recorded. I also collect information on payment what treatments you have had and what products I have used.

All paper based information is not shared with any other party and is kept in a locked box within my locked treatment room. No client information is moved from the treatment room.

If there is any breach of data you will be informed within 72hrs.

All data is kept for 7 years and if a client has not returned in that time the all consultation cards and client information will be disposed of correctly.

Clients can request their data at any time by either emailing or phoning myself or requesting to see it when in for a treatment.

If you the client wishes their information to be deleted I request 48hrs notice.

At this time I do not do any marketing if this was to change you would be notified beforehand. I only contact you the client with regards to treatments booked, products requested, test patch reminders and gift vouchers or any other enquires made by you the client.

Website, I myself Anna Yeomans and my web developer Charly Anderson and the only people who have access to this. No clients information is stored in my website.

If there is any breach of data you will be notified within 72hrs.

For further information on my website please visit

If you have any questions regarding the above information please ask me.

Thank you for your time Anna

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